The luck of the Irish is world-famous...but for your job hunting there, you may not even need it. Over the recent years, the Republic of Ireland has managed to transform itself into a small but buzzing European business hub. Therefore, it offers many opportunities for students and graduates who don’t mind a bit of international flair. Here is our guide on how to find those opportunities:  

Where to find jobs as a graduate in Ireland

Cities & industries: Due to its business friendly regulatory environment, Ireland has become a popular destination for multinational companies for setting up their European headquarters, such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Intel, just to name a few.

The main hub for business and political activity in the Republic is its capital Dublin, where roughly 25% of Ireland’s 4.7 million citizens live. Besides the country’s political institutions, the city is also home to the financial industry and the so called “Silicon Docks”, where many of the tech companies are located. Other cities and towns offering job opportunities in Ireland include Cork, Kilkenny, Limerick and Galway.

Besides the information and communication technology industry, other employers in Ireland can be found in medical technology and pharmaceuticals as well as in aircraft leasing (over 20% of the worldwide leased aircraft are managed from Ireland).

The north-eastern region of the Irish island, Northern Ireland, is a part of the United Kingdom, with Belfast being the most important business centre.


Our Top Tips

  • Named the “Friendliest City in Europe”, Dublin is definitely worth checking out - not only for its famous St. Patrick’s Day celebrations but also for its young and international work environment. Find out more about working in Dublin as an international.
  • If you’re interested in working for one of the big players in tech, Ireland is definitely worth a thought. Here’s are two accounts of what it’s like to intern at the Google European headquarter and as a graduate at Yahoo.
  • As a finance graduate, keep an eye on Ireland as well - some UK banks are looking into shifting jobs to Dublin over the next 2 years when Britain leaves the European Union.  

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Preparing your CV and cover letter for Ireland

Our Top Tips

When applying in Ireland, it’s a good idea to stick to the Anglo-Saxon standards for a job application.  

For your cover letter, that means you should keep it concise and focused on what sets you apart from the competition for the advertised job. Read more about Anglo-Saxon standards for cover letters…

As for your CV, it’s best to keep in on 1 page and NOT to include a picture. Read more about Anglo-Saxon standards for CVs…  

Due to the many international corporations recruiting foreign talent to Ireland, you should make your application as internationally valid as possible. We have collected some tips on how to internationalise your job application.  

 Build your CV for Ireland

Getting in touch with employers Ireland

Our Top Tips

Language: Fluency in English is a minimum requirement when communicating with employers in Ireland (if you can pick up on the Irish accent that’s huge plus). As a lot of jobs are to be found in EU/EMEA headquarters, speaking any additional European language will definitely earn you some bonus points.

International work experience: A lot of corporations manage their European business from Ireland, so demonstrating your international experience during the recruitment process can be a good idea.  

LIVE in Ireland

Working and living in the Republic of Ireland  

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