Have you ever stepped off a plane or train, looked around a foreign city and immediately thought “I could live here”?

You are not alone.

Europe Map

Summer is the time to go out, travel, and explore the world around you. Sometimes during those trips, we come across places and people that stick with us - that draw us towards them. So, how does this quick, maybe absurd sounding idea of working abroad become a reality?

Of course, as a graduate, there are many things to consider:

Where am I going live?

What about my friends & family?

How do I even find a job abroad?

A guide for graduates who want to work abroad

Every university graduate who considers leaving their home to work in a different country is troubled by these questions. However, they shouldn’t keep you from going! After all, there many good reasons as a graduate to work abroad - at least for a couple of years.

That’s why we have decided to be your tour guide around Europe this summer. Now, this guide is a little different - it doesn’t include popular city sights, weather charts, or food tips (okay, there may be some food involved).

Instead, this guide will have some insights on how to go about your job search in different European countries once you have graduated from university. Based on the most popular countries among our users, we cover the following:

Part 1 - Denmark

Part 2 - Sweden

Part 3 - Norway

Part 4 - Belgium & Luxembourg  

Part 5 - The Netherlands

Part 6 - Germany

Part 7 - UK

Part 8 - Ireland

Part 9 - France

So, let’s spark some wanderlust!

P.S.: If your favourite country is not online, yet, you can always drop us an email. In the meantime, we have some very universal advice for your job search abroad: