Are you planning on going abroad for your next job or internship? Then there are several things you need to take care of, starting with your application documents.

Check out this infographic to get an overview of what you need to consider in regards to your application documents, subdivided into the categories CV and resume, the cover letter, the personal statement, references and further documents as well as the photograph issue.


Simply adding the country code to your phone number and translating the text bits (if applying in a different language) won't suffice. Despite globalisation, each job market still adheres to its very own practices and regulations. Among many European countries, it is for example still common practice to include a photograph in your application despite anti-discrimination laws. Elsewhere, your application may not even get considered if it contains one. Moreover, many people tend to forget to translate their GPA or degree into the respective system, leaving annoyed recruiters behind. The list goes on, the point is clear:  Your application needs to be easily comprehensible and should also be culturally considerate - qualifications alone won't land you the job. Review your documents on this basis and you're ready to go and find your next career step abroad!


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