While you are job hunting in the Graduateland Network, you might in the future get an e-mail like this from a company that you checked out but didn’t apply to:

Example Survey from Recruiters

Here is the story behind these e-mails - and why it makes sense to answer them:

When you are looking for a job, you might be familiar with this scenario: You find a cool job description online - company sounds great, tasks sound interesting and challenging, and from the looks of it, you seem to be fitting most of their requirements. Next, you start preparing your application. You read up on the company and the job they offer and then spend a few hours writing a cover letter that will hopefully catch someone’s attention. You brood over your CV to figure out how to best match it to the job. You check that your online profiles are up to date. You have someone proofread the job application. After hours of work, you finally hit that “Apply Now” button, upload all your documents and - finally - press ‘send’. And then:

NOTHING happens.

After several weeks, you might receive a standardized note along the lines of “Thanks, but no thanks” from the company that leaves you exactly smart as you were before.

The lack of feedback in recruitment is a major headache to solve when you are running a career portal - because you want both sides on the platform to be communicating with each other in order to create matches. As in dating, there’s nothing worse than awkward silence.

So, it’s frustrating when you want to improve, but can’t get anyone to tell you what you should do differently - and recruiters actually feel the same way (after all, they are human, too).   

Whenever we talk to HR departments at different companies, we find that they also want to know what they can do better with their recruitment and how they can improve in attracting talented students and graduates. Companies want to know what scares off good applicants.

So, we have two sides that crave feedback from each other

...but somehow keep missing each other. One step we have taken to bridge that gap is that employers can now ask you, the candidate, why you didn’t engage fully by applying for one of their jobs, or by following their employer profile, and so on.

This is where the emails come in: You can give the companies your feedback about their online recruitment - honestly, totally anonymously, and usually with only one click (along with any additional comments that you choose to add).  

The companies that send out these one-click surveys have actively chosen you because they are interested in hearing what you think. Those e-mails are not just sent out automatically but are created by a recruiter who is wondering why someone with your background wouldn’t apply. Helping the company to tweak their branding or recruitment initiatives to appeal to someone just like you is in your best interest - so you find more interesting and relevant career opportunities in the future.  

We would be happy to see you giving feedback to companies when the opportunity presents itself in one of those emails. And don’t worry, we have set up rules that make sure that there is a limit of how many of these questions employers are allowed to send you each month.