Madrid, Spain / Copenhagen, Denmark - 05 April 2016 - Tyba, the Madrid based platform for startup and technology company recruitment was acquired today by Graduateland, the largest career network for students and graduates headquartered in Copenhagen.

Launched in 2011, Tyba had become the preferred destination for startups and tech companies, both large and small, to post job vacancies. Organisations could showcase their culture and environment to candidates through high quality imagery and video content created by the Tyba team. This allowed companies to enhance job postings and give candidates insights on what was really behind the startup job opportunity.

“Expanding within our existing market of students and graduates, as well as coupling the attractive segment of startup companies made Tyba the obvious acquisition target”, says Patrick Lund, CEO & Co-founder at Graduateland. “The potential to service our users grows exponentially by integrating what Tyba has created over the last four years.”

Adding Tyba to the Graduateland Network resonates with Graduateland’s strategy of facilitating international job searching and recruitment. Additionally, being based in Southern Europe the majority of Tyba’s audience are Spanish and French. Those are two important growth markets for Graduateland.

The acquisition is welcomed by recruitment managers: “We have been using the Graduateland Network for recruitment of several roles, where we have needed to target different nationalities. We’re excited about the opportunity to reach an even broader audience across Europe, which Graduateland’s acquisition of Tyba will allow us to do”, says Lise Emilie Fritzboeger, Employer Branding & HR at Siemens.

Tyba’s founders will now work exclusively on the Tyba spin-off, source{d}, which was born just over one year ago. After realising how difficult it was for their clients to find and connect with developers, source{d} was developed as a technology based solution to address those issues and improve the overall hiring process for tech talent.

Based on analysing open source code contributions, source{d} uses deep learning algorithms to identify the best developers, out of a pool of more than 5.5 million, for tech company hiring needs. “One in every seven developers we send to our clients gets hired”, explains Co-Founder and COO Jorge Schnura. “This allows our clients to save time, increase growth and scale through finding the perfect developer in a fraction of the normal time it takes to hire”.

Schnura added, “The Danish company Graduateland has been the ideal party to take over the Tyba business and grow it to the next level. They have built an international network of university career portals across Europe, targeting the highly mobile segment of students and graduates. This maintains the core vision from Tyba’s founders and investors; improving recruitment for talented and international job seekers.”

Tyba users and companies will join the Graduateland’s universe of 500,000 users and 20,000 employers. They will continue to experience the best conditions for matching candidates and companies along with new opportunities that comes from this ideal combination of what Tyba and Graduateland can offer as one combined platform.

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.


Interviews available with Graduateland, source{d]} and Tyba management teams.


About Tyba

Tyba has reimagined the way companies recruit junior talent. In many markets today there is a problem for companies to efficiently source the junior talent they are looking to hire in their organisation. Globally, junior recruitment is a $30 billion market. Tyba is an online platform that gives large, medium and small-sized businesses access to its junior talent database using cloud-based recruiting tools. Students and recent graduates create Tyba sites with, on average, 3x more information than is on a CV. This allows Tyba's search algorithm to efficiently match them to talent requirements from growing organisations.


About Graduateland

Graduateland is Europe's largest career network for students and graduates. Graduateland offers a much-needed service of international career opportunities and, working together with key universities the network, acts as a one-stop-shop for university talent. Graduateland is bringing together three stakeholders, companies, students and universities and creating a large career network for almost 500.000 students and graduates. Currently, more than 25 European universities have implemented the solution, including Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, Lund University and Stockholm University in Sweden and KU Leuven in Belgium.

Venture backed by Accelerace Invest, the Graduateland team consists of 25 people across the Copenhagen and Stockholm offices.


For more information:

Patrick Lund

CEO & Co-founder


About source{d}

Driven by their common passion for technology and recruitment, three entrepreneurs - Eiso Kant, Jorge Schnura and Philip von Have - founded source{d}. The goal was simple; helping every developer around the world reach their potential. Driving their Engineering and Developer Relations teams, they aim to address the challenges of technical recruitment by having their own software engineers manage the process of identifying, qualifying and presenting the best developers to the most forward thinking technology companies in the world.

Starting with the belief that those who speak the best about software engineering are software engineers themselves, the dynamic team ensured a deep understanding of each developer by analysing their open source code and contributions first, through advanced technology, and then the developer relations team.

Venture backed by Sunstone Capital and Impulse, the company boasts a professional team of thirty-three, representing eleven nationalities, headquartered in Madrid, Spain with offices in Berlin, Germany and London, UK. source{d} is analyzing more than 13.7m GitHub projects with 742m code contributions across 5.5M developers and growing. source{d} is placing developers in challenging jobs across the globe and striving to create a powerful developer community worldwide.


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Jorge Schnura