A job description is where the company states what they are looking for and why relevant candidates should consider applying for the advertised position. The optimal length of a job description is between 1 and 1.5 pages. In order to give candidates an idea of the job you want them to apply for, the job post should include the following:

1. Introduction

Start out with a brief introduction of who you are looking for and why, using just 1 or 2 lines. Avoid inserting a general company description here - especially an elaborate one.

2. Task description

A detailed description of the job you are offering, including the role and main tasks to be performed in this position.  Be aware that candidates should be able to picture themselves in clearly this work routine based on the description - using too many clichés may not work to your advantage.

3. What your company has to offer

This is where you sell the job to potential candidates, so you have to argue why the candidates should apply for this job - what makes this job or your workplace unique and attractive for your target applicants?

4. Your requirements for an ideal candidate

A more detailed description of who you are looking for to fill the job, mentioning

  • Concrete skills needed
  • Preferred educational background and/or work experience
  • Personality traits the help excel in the job
  • License or certification required to perform the job

5. Practicalities

  • Starting date and time frame (limited/unlimited)
  • Location of the job
  • Mobility options and potential travelling
  • Hours per week

6. Details about the application process

  • Date or timeframe until when applications will be taken
  • Preferred application format and required documents
  • Dates for first round of interviews

7. Information about your company

The description should be brief and establish a connection between role you are hiring for and the organisation. If you are already exceeding the 1.5-pages limit, this is where you can save space.

A quick note about applying the right tone

What is key is always to remember who your audience is. Across the Graduateland Network the majority of candidates are students and recent graduates, and consequently, your traditional corporate tone may have to be modified accordingly.

The tone of the language should always reflect the culture of the company, as well as the position you're trying to fill. This means that the tone of a startup company probably is much different from the corporate language of a bank, and this is fine since it may only confuse candidates if you stray too much from what they are expecting.

Adding visuals to your job description

Don't be shy to use paragraphs containing bullet points and other forms of listing - these are great ways to break up the job ad, making it easier to read, and creating some visual dynamics.