What is a job fair?

A job fair is a type of recruitment event where companies and job-seeking candidates meet in a venue to network.

Also known as career fairs or career expos, these events are used by companies to promote their employer brand and to pre-scan potential applicants. Therefore, some job fairs give recruiters the option for on-site preliminary interviews with candidates.

Career fairs are hosted by different types of privately held and public organisations, but universities are arguably some of the most important and reputable hosts. At many educational institutions, the organisation of job fairs is a vital part of their career service activities.

A relatively new trend are the so-called online job fairs or virtual career fairs. The concept is the same as with traditional career fairs, but all interaction occurs on an online platform specifically designed for the purpose. Companies set up a virtual booth (usually a rich media profile showcasing their employer brand) and can talk to applicants via live chat or video call.

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What (virtual) career fairs can do for your graduate recruitment

Companies don’t necessarily have to make an “either...or”-decision between attending a physical and virtual career fair. In fact, most companies use the events complimentary for their talent acquisition as they offer different advantages.   

Traditional job fairs are great for broad-scale networking and exploration. Students and graduates can wander the venue and be made aware of your employer brand. As a recruiter or company representative, you are immediately able to assess a potential candidate’s conduct face-to-face. At the same time, you get the chance for peer-to-peer-exchanges with other recruiters and hiring managers from other company stalls.

Virtual career fairs, on the other hand, enable recruiters and hiring managers to be more targeted in their talent sourcing. They can set up their virtual booths in a way that candidates will only see the jobs and companies where they fulfill the hiring criteria. As it is not necessary for candidates and recruiters to physically be in the same location, you can have company representatives attend from various locations. At last, the digital analytics tools that can be integrated into the virtual platforms can help your post-event evaluation.    

The Graduateland Virtual Career Fairs

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