Introducing Virtual Career Fairs to the market

Graduateland introduced the virtual career fair solution last year, and we now have a few successful events under the belt. Though the concept is fairly new in Europe we have appreciated how intuitive the concept has been perceived by both companies and candidates. But then again, it’s not rocket science - it’s a physical concept that has undergone digitalisation.


After the virtual career fair we hosted in February we harvested a lot of feedback - a lot of suggestions for product improvements, requests for even more attending companies (and relevant candidates, when we asked the companies) etc. Obviously, everyone wanted more of everything and it makes sense - the more to choose from the more specific you can be in your segmentation process. This increases relevance, value, and user experience.

What many also said was that they wanted the fair to last a longer time.

We also experienced feedback from the companies that chose not to participate. And the primary reason we kept hearing was 'timing'.

And how should you be able to set the date for an event and expect that it fits everyone? Similar companies within the same industry can have very different recruitment cycles. And across Europe, the timing of intern and graduate intakes is obviously also found on different pages of the recruiters' calendars.


Virtual career fairs are great, and we will work on improving these events even more, to accommodate the diversity of recruitment needs out there. The autumn is full of planned niche events; international finance, legal in DK, startups, graduate programmes... Full throttle!

When the market speaks, we listen. And listening leads to new insights and ideas.

So our learnings from these events and from the feedback from the market have led us to something new and exciting:

A rethinking of how recruitment should be conducted in the future. Well, now, actually.

Enter Graduateland LIVE

With Graduateland LIVE we plan to take the timing element entirely out of the equation. This is the introduction of a virtual ecosystem that runs parallel with our virtual career fairs, but that is fundamentally breaking with the initial paradigm of a career fair.

As the virtual events are now digitalised, the core USPs (unique selling points) are:

  • real-time and cross-border communication;
  • match-making based on data and relevance;
  • possibilities to re-engage with top candidates after the fair via stored conversations and digital footprints.

The USPs are exactly the same for Graduateland LIVE - but it is like participating in a career fair that never ends. Participation at your convenience and according to your recruitment cycle. This is the just-in-time strategy of recruitment.

What you’ll be able to do with Graduateland LIVE

When the application deadline of your internship programme approaches - let your current interns go LIVE every Monday for a month and chat with future potential candidates. Who would be better ambassadors than them?

When your finance graduate programme launches - have a few finance graduates from different universities go LIVE every afternoon for a week to build up relationships with their peers across key universities.

When you’re recruiting for a colleague you just go LIVE and keep it online in the background - when the right candidates reach out you can take the first couple of conversations. When the questions get tricky, then easily forward the correspondence to the hiring manager who takes over.

We’ll make sure that the right candidates are notified when you go LIVE, and in this way steer the right people your way. Or you just log in, and see who is online and start the conversations yourself.

We believe that this is a pretty cool way to build up your talent pipelines, pre-screen for your upcoming recruitment, and, in general, position your employer brand exactly how you like.


Graduateland LIVE will launch during the summer, with an early bird for the quick ones. The first ones have already signed up. Reach out if this could be interesting for your company!

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