In this blog entry, we present specific features that our product team has been working on these past weeks. These features are exclusively about our virtual career fair (VCF) platform. 

If you have any questions - or would like to hear more on how these new features will apply to your virtual event - please do not hesitate to reach out to us!


We have implemented a few features that have simplified the Live Presentation tool as well as the company registration process. We have also improved the Day Planner for candidates, and our team is currently working on a few virtual career fair features that will improve your experience.


New Feature - Easier Live Presentations

Our Development Team has simplified the Live Presentation process. Organisers are now able to share recruiters’ Zoom links directly on the Platform.

New Feature - Optimised Day Planner

The Day Planner was implemented some time ago - allowing students and candidates to plan their time on the platform - by seeing upcoming events and views. 

Now, the feature has been updated to be much more personal - the Day Planner will now suggest upcoming Events and Live Sessions based on Followed Companies.

New Feature - Simpler Recruiter Registration

Recruiter Registration now requires one less step to be completed, since the platform automatically pulls information from completed company profiles.


Upcoming Feature - Live/Pre-recorded Presentations

Webinars and Live Presentations provide a lot of value for companies and participants alike. The effort required is however big - besides a presenter, companies need moderators and it can be challenging to manage live questions.

That is why our team is preparing an intuitive Presentation Interface from which, the organiser will be able to select Live stream,  One or Several pre-recorded videos for each planned webinar.

We hope to implement this feature in the upcoming weeks.

Upcoming Feature - Online/Offline recruiters

This feature will allow you, the organiser, to see which recruiters are online/offline during an event. Once implemented, it will also trigger an automatic email notification 10 minutes past your event’s start, informing you of which recruiters haven’t logged in.


We hope to implement this feature in the upcoming weeks.

Upcoming Feature - “See as visitor”

Once implemented, this feature will allow event organisers to visit stalls from the participants’ perspective. A useful “See as visitor” tab will be added to your interface, and you will be able to select and de-select it before, during and after an event.


We hope to implement this feature in the upcoming weeks.

Any questions regarding the new feature? Contact our team!