Halmstad Factsheet

Which student profiles can you find at Halmstad University?

Halmstad University is a new and modern educational institution, located in the southwest of Sweden. Its research and education consists of three main areas: Information Technology, Innovation Sciences as well as Health and Lifestyle.

The university offers two unique programmes in biomedicine with specialisation in physical education and IT- forensic science and information security. The number of applicants is rapidly increasing from year to year with the nurse education being the most popular, closely followed by the “Civilekonomprogrammet” – a four-year economic programme that only a few institutions are accredited for.

Many entrepreneurial ventures have evolved from Halmstad University. The most well-known international companies are HMS (founded by alumnus Nicholas Hassbjer), and Comfort Audio (founded by alumni Carl Johan Lagervall and August Pansell).

Among the top fields, in which Halmstad University’s alumni find postgraduate employment are engineering, sales, operations, IT, business development, programme and project management, entrepreneurship, etc. A large number of those graduates work in institutions, such as Halmstads kommun, Volvo Car Group, Swedbank, IKEA Group, Ericsson, etc.

A short history of Halmstad University

Since its inception in 1983, Halmstad University has actively taken part in society and community development projects through an extensive programme of cooperative ventures involving the business and public sectors. Its educational profile is made up of three interwoven areas of expertise which can be summarised as the development and study of organisations, products and quality of life.

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Halmstad Job Post Flow

You can select the portal when you post a job on the network (as shown in the screenshot above). You will also be able to see how many registered candidates at Halmstad University match your previously defined requirements for the job.

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