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Reach out to more than 800.000 talents from over 6.000 universities around the world! No matter if you’re looking for the one right candidate for your position or you're recruiting at scale - we can help you.

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Data-driven talent sourcing

Posting a job on a job board can be like throwing a dart blindfolded - but not on Graduateland. We leverage the preferences and characteristics of our users with your specific requirements.

Some portals deliver a lot of candidates but we deliver the RIGHT ones, so you can save time browsing through an endless list of irrelevant candidates.


Europe’s largest talent database

The Graduateland Network is the largest university talent-database in Europe. You’ll get access to the most ambitious young talents looking for full-time jobs, graduate programmes, internships, part-time jobs and more. We have students and graduates from more than 6.000 universities worldwide and you can reach out to all of them or just the particular segment you need.

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Expose your job and engage with the candidates

You can promote your job in many ways:

1. Highlight your job only to a specific and relevant target group.

2. Promote your job to your target group through direct email campaigns.

3. Active sourcing - go online and engage with top talent in real-time.

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Easy candidate management

Once you have all the right applicants you can easily manage your candidates in the Graduateland Recruiter. You can rate candidates, share them with colleagues, chat with candidates - even engage further in a video conversation!


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