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European Junior & Graduate Careers Fair 2019

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Graduateland Virtual Career Fair

Employer branding and recruitment in one event
Meet and chat with top talent across Europe. It has never been easier to build your talent pipeline!

What you can do on our Virtual Career Fairs

Upcoming Virtual Career Fairs

Join our European Junior & Graduate Careers Fair on 5th September 2019. Here you will meet the best soon-to-be graduates across Europe!

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Build your employer brand

You have an easy way to promote your employer brand to a targeted audience. You decide how your digital stall should look like and what to promote. Don't worry about expensive roll-ups and tiresome transportation time - it's all happening online.


Handpicked audience

You can set up exact requirements on which candidates are relevant for you, so you only engage in relevant chats.


Save the right talent

Bookmark talented candidates in order to continue the conversation at later stages.
The ideal way to prepare your future recruitment pipelines.


Active sourcing

Don't just wait for the candidates to reach out to you - reach out to candidates that you handpick yourself!
At the Virtual Career Fairs you will be able to reach out to all online users, filter on your preferred characteristics and engage in the right conversations.


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The Virtual Career Fairs can be utilized as an employer branding tool as well as a direct recruitment tool. If you want to hear more please contact us below for a free talk about how your company can benefit from joining our Virtual Career Fairs.

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