Denmark is known for being one of the happiest countries in the world and attracts young talent from all over Europe (and even the world). But how do you go about working and living in the Scandinavian country?

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Where to find jobs as a graduate in Denmark

Sectors: There is a high demand for skilled candidates across many industries, including biotechnology, environmental and renewable energy, production, shipping, and banking.


Cities: The country’s capital Copenhagen is the centre of most business activity. Other important local hubs include Aarhus and Aalborg in the region of Jutland, and Odense on Funen.


Our Top Tips

  • The job search in Denmark might take a couple of months, especially during summer vacation, so start looking early.
  • A very popular way for university graduates into the Danish workforce are the Graduate Programmes (otherwise known as graduate schemes or trainee programmes) offered by the bigger companies.
  • Denmark, especially Copenhagen, has a very active and multilingual startup scene where you can put your skills to trial.   

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Preparing your Danish CV and cover letter

Our Top Tips

Your cover letter should be personalised and tailor-made for the position.

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Your CV should be easy to read and not too cluttered - focus the work experience that is relevant to the position you are applying for.   

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Getting in touch with your future employer

Our Top Tips

Language: English is extremely widespread as a second language in Denmark. That makes it easier as a foreigner to navigate the country, but also creates a lot of competition among applicants. So it’s a good idea to start learning Danish as well as highlighting other language skills you might have.

The job interview: Be super-punctual, and expect an in-depth discussion about your skills and personal views!

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Contacting companies: The Danish work culture is all about forming personal connections. Companies will even contact you for a chat - provided they can find enough information on your profile to see if you are a relevant candidate for them. It pays to keep it updated!

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Live Denmark

Working and living in Denmark  

Our Top Tips

You can get an even better impression from the Danish experience of foreign students in Esbjerg and Kolding, as well graduates working at LEGO or Danske Bank.   

Held & lykke!

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