Which student profiles can you find at IT University of Copenhagen?

The IT University of Copenhagen mostly referred to as ‘ITU’, is an independent educational and research institution with a global orientation. ITU is especially known for its objective of strengthening Denmark’s ability to create value with IT.

ITU is known for working closely with students on their research projects in order to develop their research skills and international network.

Students at ITU are offered a variety of research-based study programmes within the field of IT. All students are educated in basic programming - with competencies depending on the individual student’s field of study. Studies at ITU are ranging from games, communication, business to software development.

Furthermore, ITU is offering a focus on being innovative and up to date with tendencies. This is expressed by a high number of startup companies founded by ITU students.

Educated on a vision of creating and sharing the knowledge that can lead to groundbreaking information technology and services for the benefit of humanity, IT students and graduates know how to work in terms of large scale solutions that bring value on a deeper and larger level. This makes the students of ITU valuable with one of the highest levels of professionalism and competencies that are requested and demanded at today’s job market.

Therefore you find students and graduates within a wide range in the approach to IT regarding business, design and technology. All programmes focus on one of the perspectives but emphasize understanding and interaction with all perspectives. Companies are offered profiles with the capacity of creating value within a broad field of IT.

The approximately 2.500 students are from a broad and unique combination of both national and academic backgrounds. Out of the 2.500 students, approximately one-fourth of them are international students, whereby one of the university’s Bachelor of Science (Bsc in IT) study programmes is offered completely in English. This makes it possible to find not only Danish candidates but also finding candidates that can bring other perspectives.

A brief history of ITU

ITU was established in 1999 as a free faculty at Copenhagen Business School. The free faculty was called IT-højskolen and the main goal was to increase the number of research-based IT study programmes in Denmark. In connection with the University Act of July 2003, IT-højskolen became an independent university and changed the name to the IT University of Copenhagen. Together with universities in the west of Denmark, ITU sat on their agenda to produce new graduate study programmes about IT. The study programmes were meant to target students with a bachelor degree in a field unrelated to IT. Furthermore, there was to be created master and diploma study programmes at a high academic level as further education for professionals working with IT. Last but not least the universities were to do research in IT at an international level.

Recruiting from ITU via Graduateland  

If you are looking to recruit students and graduates from ITU, you can choose to post your job ad specifically on their job portal, the ITU Job and Project bank.

You can select the portal when you post a job on the network (as shown in the screenshot above). You will also be able to see how many registered candidates at IT University of Copenhagen match your previously defined requirements for the job.