Which students profiles can you find at Roskilde University?

Roskilde University, also referred to as RUC, was originally established in order to challenge academic traditions and to experiment with new ways to create and acquire knowledge. Today, this different way of educating is executed through RUC’s cultivation of a high project- and problem-oriented approach to knowledge creation. This approach is also interdisciplinary and based on transparency. You will, therefore, find students and graduates at RUC, who are highly competent in delivering relevant results obtained by solving real and practical problems in collaboration with others. As stated by the university itself, its main focus is to create the opportunities that no one can yet imagine and help develop sustainable solutions to the major challenges we will face in the future, both nationally and globally, in areas such as the environment, inequality, democracy, health and cultural coexistence. Students and graduates at RUC are therefore great profiles for dealing with not only problems faced here and now - but develops the ability to be proactive, think long-term and deal with future challenges.

RUC has approximately 9.000 students distributed on four departments: Communication & Arts; People & Technology; Science & Environment and Social Sciences & Business.

RUC’s educational span is broad, making it possible for companies to find lots of different profiles for different types of job functions. Students at RUC are highly contributing to their opportunities through the ongoing electives they make to shape their education. You will, therefore, find students at RUC that actively have chosen their field of expertise, project areas, themes and methods to work with - which makes it possible for companies to find a skare of unique profiles.

According to RUC’s own surveys (2009, 2012) 85,7 % of the candidates had a job during their studies, whereas more than 40 % of the candidates have had a job that is perceived as relevant to their studies. This indicates that the students at RUC are highly interested in working alongside their studies. The survey indicates that up to 35,3 % get a job already before their graduation and that 25 % get a job less than 3 months after graduation. These numbers indicate that candidates from RUC receive a great education that later on leads to a job.

Being ranked 97 in the Times Higher Education Young Universities Ranking, RUC has shown it is worth internationally.

A brief history of RUC

Roskilde University was traditionally founded as Roskilde University Centre and was named Roskilde University (RUC) in 2008. Founded in 1970 the university was based on ideas of interdisciplinarity, problem orientation, project- and group work. The first 10 years were characterized by a lot of critiques because of the lecturers association with the political left-wing, and was due to this, between the years 1975-79, subject to an external directorate appointed by the Danish Minister of Education. Since the candidates have been well received at the job market, RUC got its position consolidated, and its political profile is now less dominating. With a total of 7.600 students in 2013 to 9.000 in 2018, RUC continues to grow rapidly.

Recruiting from RUC via Graduateland  

If you are looking to recruit students and graduates from Roskilde University, you can choose to post your job ad specifically on their job portal, RUC Jobbank.

You can select the portal when you post a job on the network (as shown in the screenshot above). You will also be able to see how many registered candidates at Roskilde University match your previously defined requirements for the job.