The Graduateland Network includes several partnerships with universities across Europe and some in the United States. The universities become part of the network by integrating a customised career portal on their university website connected to their student intranet. These career portals, called Gateways, are the official career sites that the respective universities provide for their students and alumni as well as the companies in their region.

In this overview, you can find all the university partners in our network and the study profiles that can be found there. 


Want to take a closer look? Download this sheet as PDF.

Want to take a closer look? Download this sheet as PDF.

University Profiles

The universities that partner up with Graduateland and are included in the network have a considerable interest in marketing their career portal towards their students and alumni.

For more information, you can also have a look at the more detailed university profiles of some of our partners: 



Events for students and employers

By joining the Graduateland network, the university creates a natural forum for their students to find and interact with their future employers. The universities are thus interested in forming lasting ties with local and international companies that recruit via their career portal. This is why organisations are often invited to participate or co-host other career planning related offers that universities arrange for their students via their Gateways. These include, for example:

  • CV writing workshops
  • Job interview training
  • (Virtual) Career Fairs
  • Company presentations

When students and alumni sign up to the Gateways, they automatically become accessible to any organisation recruiting via the Graduateland Network.