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Work from home with Lionbridge

Who We Are?

We are the recruitment team for Lionbridge AI, Machine Intelligence. We are based in Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland and Tampere in Finland. Lionbridge is a global company and our corporate headquarters are based in Waltham, Mass. USA. We recruit for work-from-home and telecommute positions that often require candidates to be bilingual and have a strong interest in internet culture.

The Jobs you want, The Lifestyle You Deserve

Ever wonder what it would be like to join a global movement, to work for a company that “gets you,” and to interact with a team that’s always online?

Lionbridge offers all of those benefits and more, no matter what the economic environment. You work for yourself, on work you choose, from your own device, wherever and whenever you want. And, you get connected to a local, national or global community!

Working from the cloud with Lionbridge allows you the freedom to build the lifestyle you deserve:

  • Flexible hours with absolutely no joining fees
  • The ability to work from home or from your own device with regular earnings potential
  • Competitive rates aligned to the tasks at hand, with payment directly to your bank account
  • Stimulating work that matches your interests and skills
  • Frequently updated, year-round job opportunities
  • Secure access to your personalized online portal for activity and earnings tracking
  • Tools and tips for greater productivity and success as a home-based worker

Ready to get started? Find the opportunity that’s right for you.

What are the benefits of working with you?

We offer you the ability to earn money as you work from the comfort of your home. We don’t charge you any fees, and the hours are flexible. We provide you with the tools and resources you need to be successful, and you’ll get to play a big part in improving internet and business services worldwide and specific to your region, while providing us with core cultural and linguistic awareness!