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Are you ready to shape the future of risk?

Kickstart your career

Develop yourself on a personal and professional level inside a truly international company. We at Marsh & McLennan are risk advisors and brokers for a number of the world’s most well-known companies. We specialize in risk and insurance and our long-standing objective is to grow our own talent - ensuring that you will be the drivers of change and innovation across the industry.

Our Culture

Our culture defines our company – who we are, what we do and how we do it. It rests on four core commitments that keep us focused, aligned and on purpose at all times.

  • Enabling Client Success - Our clients put their futures in our hands. We make their challenges our challenges, and we don’t rest until they are solved.
  • Finding the Smarter Way - Innovation is everybody’s business. We celebrate the colleagues who show us new ways to do things, whether it’s a better office process or a client breakthrough.
  • Working Side by Side - Collaboration is the soul of everything we do, making inclusion a fundamental business value. We succeed when we bring the widest range of people and views to the table.
  • Living the Greater Good - That’s the title of our code of conduct, which boils down to earning trust by doing the right thing. If you join us you’ll live by it, so we invite you to read it.


Our Impact

Our people are taking on and helping to solve some of the most complex issues of our time. We empower our clients and society to realize new possibilities by tackling the greatest economic, geopolitical, cultural and technological challenges facing the world today. We are leaders in not only what we say but what we do.


Inclusion & Diversity

We work every day to create a sense of community where everyone's ideas, contributions and individual strengths and differences are valued and supported. Our people feel confident to succeed here because they can truly be themselves. We embrace, encourage and advance diversity –including diversity of background, experience, thought and opportunity. 

Our 25 Colleague Resource Groups help ensure that all of our people feel a sense of connection and community throughout their career. 

A great place to work

When joining Marsh & McLennan you will enter a company with a strong work-life balance, collaboration an and non-hierarchical culture. We value each employee for their individuality and seek to constantly ensure diversity. We also take pride in crossfunctional collaboration and shared knowledge no matter seniority and educational background. Furthermore, Marsh & McLennan is dedicated to making a difference and supporting the local communities.