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We believe that brilliant people are the key to a company's success.
We're ambitious, but no one runs alone. 

Max, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Max is an entrepreneur with over 15 years' experience founding, growing and running successful businesses focused on the knowledge economy. Having co-founded the company in 2008 with Andrew, Max now focuses on our long-term growth strategy and is passionate about ensuring AlphaSights remains an unrivalled career launchpad for ambitious graduates.

Attributes we look for

It would be easy for us to rattle off the typical list of skills many employers seek and every applicant thinks they may have. Over the years, we have learned that success in a commercially oriented, high-growth environment like ours is about more than academic credentials and past laurels. This does not mean that we do not hire top graduates from leading universities - we do. But we do not hire for credentials alone, we hire for underlying character attributes and traits. We've listed those we value most highly here.

Rebecca, Manager, LDN

Originally from Paris, Rebecca joined the firm in May 2014 after spending three years in investment banking in London. At AlphaSights, she heads up a team within our Capital Markets segment, supporting and building relationships with distressed debt & credit investment funds. Her move was driven by the desire to lead a team of people and make a mark on a young, impressionable business.