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Our Career Start Program offers an ideal platform for graduates with a Bachelor's, Masters, or PhD degree who have recently finished their studies. From day one, you’ll be part of a team – facing real challenges, interacting with internal and/or external clients and making meaningful contributions. We provide a combination of practical experience and structured on-the-job and off-the-job training. Learn more about the Career Start program.

Career Start Program in focus:

  • Duration: 12 -18 months (12 - 24 months for IT Career Start)
  • Assignment: The program consists of the main assignment in your home base, where you will be involved in real work from day one, and can help make an impact on our business while gaining the skills and knowledge you need.
  • Rotation: You have the chance to learn about and rotate through other business areas so that you can develop a holistic view of the bank and the opportunities that we offer.
  • Training: Your training will be summarized in a Career Track and supplemented with track-specific training, ensuring that you will be fully prepared for your designated position.
  • Available business areas/job functions: We provide interesting opportunities in all areas of our bank.

More information on the areas can be found here