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Our two-year Graduate Programme offers a uniquely diverse experience. You’ll undertake different rotations, getting exposure to a range of exciting projects and locations around the world. You’ll work on live projects, take on real responsibility and experience the product lifecycle end-to-end. All of which will help you build your long-term engineering career with us.

The programme has been developed to support your personal and professional growth. We’ll offer you a wide range of demanding but rewarding experiences. In short, we’ll equip you to make an impact – then we’ll give you the opportunity to follow it through and take it further.

What can I expect?

The divisional programmes follow a common structure and each of our three divisions has tailored its programme to suit their strategy and type of business. You’ll need to choose a division that has a business based in a country where you’re eligible to work, and you’ll need to be fluent in that country’s language. It’s vital that you’re fluent in English wherever you join us, as that’s the business language of our company.

Once you’ve joined a division, you’ll stay there for the duration of the programme, playing a vital role in its ongoing growth.

In 2019, we’re looking for skilled engineers across the world. Your journey with IMI will start in your home country, with at least one placement outside of that country. Take a look at the map on our homepage to see which divisions we have in which countries.

How long does the programme run?

All of our graduates will join IMI in September 2019. That’s when your programme will start and over the course of two years you’ll gain a detailed understanding of the division, its technologies and the market in which it operates.

If you can imagine a better world then you can engineer it with us.

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