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Do you want to contribute?

Then have a look at KPMG's Future Focus Graduate Programme.

Future Focus Graduate Programme: Meet Mette

Meet Giulia Patregnani, Senior Associate

"On a day-to-day basis I work with a great deal of people, almost all of whom are around my own age and come from countries all over the world. Everyone has unique experiences to share. This is part of the reason why diversity is so highly appreciated at KPMG and why the Graduate Programme advocates so strongly for teamwork and collaboration. True innovation comes only when you are ready to challenge your own ideas."

We focus on your future

The KPMG approach to business is simple: we share ideas and work together across levels, functions and work. By joining the Future Focus KPMG Graduate Programme, you kick-start your career in a company with an international mindset rooted in local culture.

Over the course of 24 months, you will receive unparalleled development opportunities and will participate in a varied training programme to develop your technical, leadership and commercial skills.

The Future Focus programme is designed with you in mind – we hire extraordinary people to take on challenging responsibilities who are continuously striving to ignite their potential.

Apply now!

What matters to you is important to us. Send us an application and show us what the future at KPMG might look like with you on board. Feel free to contact our KPMG Trusted Talents on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions about life as a graduate at KPMG.