Philip Morris International


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Our fastest way to achieving our goals is to successfully transform our culture and we know we have a significant gap to close.

We are coming from a command and control leadership culture that worked well in the ‘known’ universe of cigarettes and smoking.

This will not sustain us in the agile and dynamic journey we are now embarking on with our vision of a smoke free future – which is all about breaking new ground and charting the uncharted.

Consumer at the core

Our purpose is to create a better life for smokers; and to grow an enduring world class company of which we are deeply proud. To do this we need to know the consumer intimately: recognizing that they are our reason for being. We also need to operate as one, share openly, and remain vested in the success of PMI and of each other.

Forward leaning

We act ahead of events and do what it takes to deliver on our promises. We know ‘what is enough’ to solve the challenge at hand; use insights and data toreflect before acting; and then move fast with integrity. We are comfortable with uncertainty. We learn from mistakes; we understand what caused them; and embrace and integrate the learning.

Disruptive innovators

We are curious and look outward. We relentlessly focus on coming up with solutions that are magnitudes better than the status quo; reducing complexity inside and shaping reality outside. We leverage our global scale to execute on our intimate knowledge of local markets and consumers.


Our new world requires a different way of being. What we say is reinforced by what we do. We break down hierarchy; ‘listen and ask’; learn from and challenge each other, respecting and expecting disagreement. We celebrate diversity of opinion to ensure the best ideas win the day.

Space to deliver

We are demanding on what to achieve. We give people what they need to get the job done and then get out of their way. We wisely find the balance between compliance, innovation and speed; and expect our people to apply judgment. The deal is fair, reward and recognition reflects achievement, and access to opportunities comes through merit.