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Do you have the will, the drive and the ambitions to kick-start your business career in one of Denmark’s largest IT companies? If so, you may well be one of the candidates we are looking for to join our 12-month Group Graduate Programme. 

TDC Group Graduate Programme 2019

The TDC Group Graduate Programme is designed for you who are passionate about improving your skills and making a real difference among the sharpest minds in one of Denmark’s largest IT company. In 2019 we offer 11 high profile tracks allowing you to specialize and grow within your field of choice.

Opportunities in the Programme

The Graduate Programme offers:

  • A unique chance to network with a group of highly talented fellow graduates.
  • A number of Graduate Case Camps which will focus on different impactful learning activities to support your career development.
  • Regular mentor meetings - your mentor will support you with the challenges you face when you grow as a professional.
  • Get the best possible opportunity to engage with senior business leaders and increase your business knowledge.

Within each track, you will rotate between different business lines to develop a holistic understanding of business challenges in your field. We evaluate and adjust the programme for your optimal development. Our ambition is that the Graduate Programme is your first step in a career at TDC Group.

The TDC Group Graduate Programme is offered to a limited number of hand-picked, high-potential graduates. We are looking for the most passionate, ambitious and creative talents, and we offer a tailored programme that will lift you from graduate to professional, specializing in one of our tailored business tracks.

A programme built for you

Our graduate programme is a unique 1-year experience to ignite your TDC career. You will spend 6 months at 2 different brands or group functions, giving you the chance to excel within your field of expertise in different business contexts. We evaluate and adjust the programme to match your interests and potential, and you will get a personal development plan to ensure that your talent accelerates throughout the programme.