Software Engineer within API and Event Integration at H&M Business Tech hos H&M

  • Årstaängsvägen, 117 75 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Full-time
  • Department: H&M Group

Company Description

Shaping the future of fashion with people, data, and tech - The fashion and retail industries are going through a transformation, driven by customers' technology and sustainability expectations. At H&M Group, we want to shape the future of retail by harnessing the power of smart tech and data. With our 74-year history of innovation, we understand the need to collaborate and co-create with engineers and tech specialists around the world to achieve our vision.

Job Description

The Integration Enablement team lies within the Product Area, API and Event Integration. As an enabling team and area, at the center of most things related to our API and Event deliveries, there are many touchpoints within different parts of the Business Tech organization. The team mission is to “Enable product teams to rapidly consume and expose monitored APIs and events in a secure and easy way”.
You will join a diverse and ambitious team of amazing professionals in the tech movement towards modern integrations. H&M Groups´ goal is that we will run entirely in the cloud, supported by a tech community that can build effective and secure cloud solutions using DevOps practices. Together with your team you will help accelerate the transformation of old integrations to modern APIs by onboarding and support teams in our organization to succeed in adopting modern and innovative application integration technologies and practices.
As a Software Engineer, you will deliver new solutions based on H&M's standards and Engineering excellence. You will be instrumental in developing reusable assets around the area of APIs and Events and deliver the best in class.

Work tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Support the Product Teams with design solutions and best approach, both short and long term
  • Collaborating closely with other cross-functional teams and sharing best practices in their API and event solutions
  • Onboarding the other teams to our platforms for API & Events
  • Leading Proof of Value and Proof of Concept
  • Being a mentor for the team, product staff, developers, and a supporter of their work - find the right ratio between designing the solutions yourself and empowering others to make their own decisions
  • Representing the team in cross-Product Area/Domain alignment meetings and/or other cross-Product Area events


  • Experience in Azure Integration Services and/or Google Cloud Integration Services and tools
  • Experience in developing integrations in a middleware platform (e.g. Biztalk)
  • Integration development and software development in general
  • Knowledge of Event-driven architecture and Event patterns
  • Knowledge of API design patterns and guidelines
  • Experience in CI/CD (e.g., Azure DevOps, GitHub)

Specific skills:
  • Solace Event PubSub + Cloud
  • API management platforms such Apigee, Azure API mgmt. services

Personal Competences
  • We have an Agile WoW and the organization is new, so a flexible mindset is important
  • Enjoying working outside of your base competence to support the mission of the team
  • Excellent analytical and time management skills
  • Excellent written and oral skills, ability to work closely with multiple customers, manage expectations, and track engagement scope.
  • Great collaboration and communication skills in English

Additional Information

Besides the obvious perks such as staff discount card, flexible work life, learning communities, wellness benefits, parental benefits etc. you are joining a unique value driven culture, a large tech network and community where you can be yourself. There are endless opportunities to experiment and grow in any direction that you want and when you grow, we grow. Being a major player gives us countless opportunities to make a real impact and shape the future.

Does this sound interesting?

This is a full-time position based in Stockholm. Please apply in English, we are continuously screening, and interviewing candidates so please send in your application as soon as possible.
For questions regarding the recruitment process, please contact Devika Langar (). We kindly ask you however to not send applications to this email address. Due to GDPR, we only accept applications through our career page.

Job Location

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