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Solve important problems as a Tax & Legal Graduate in PwC hos PwC Denmark

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Are you a soon-to-be graduate - then we have an opportunity for you! Kick-start your career in PwC’s Tax & Legal Graduate Programme, where your development is in focus, taking you from a passionate and curious student to a dedicated and trusted PwC professional together with your fellow graduates.


Graduate Programme in one of Denmark’s largest Tax & Legal departments

PwC’s Tax & Legal department is a diverse department with colleagues advising customers in nearly every aspect of tax and legal. As part of the graduate programme you will experience: 

  • A two-year Graduate Program focusing on your development and aiming to give you the best and smoothest transition from being a student to becoming a professional consultant. 

  • Off-site Graduate Events with your fellow graduates. 

  • On-the-job training, working as a tax and legal consultant on exciting projects right from the beginning.

  • Become part of a Graduate Group, where you continuously develop and train specific competences together throughout the two-years. 

  • Social events where you can network and socialize with your fellow graduates. 

Become a consultant within the area that motivates you

You apply for the graduate track that you dream about becoming a part of. As a graduate, you will be working in teams with your fellow graduates and colleagues, because we know that collaboration, feedback and diverse perspectives enable us to identify the strongest solutions for our customers. Read more about the different tracks below and on our careersite.

Business Tax: Do you want to advise many types of clients within various industries and of different sizes; from family owned businesses to large multinational companies, private equity funds and real estate funds. The many different clients mean that you get the opportunity to advise on a wide range of areas within Danish tax legislation including structuring and restructuring of the clients’ business, succession planning in family owned business’, compliance with tax rules and advice on Danish corporate taxation and business taxation in general, advice on property tax etc.


Compliance & Wealth (C&W):We want to be trusted tax advisors for our broad client portfolio of companies and wealther's. We assist our clients from the beginning of a business adventure to liquidation or a generational change, working in the intersection between corporate tax and personal tax. Our greatest ambition is to contribute and solve our client's tax needs of all types, format and complexity. So if you see yourself working with corporate tax compliance, restructuring, incentive schemes, investment considerations, personal tax compliance and so much more, joining the C&W family is definitely the right place for you.


Deals Tax:Do you want to advise our private equity clients as well as our large corporate clients on M&A transactions? We are working with all aspects on M&A deals (due diligence, SPA advice, structuring, private equity fund setups etc) for a list of the most interesting clients (both Danish and global) utilizing the global network of PwC.

Indirect Tax:Do you want to become a specialist within indirect taxes, e.g. VAT, customs and excise duties? We are working with all sectors and assist with answering day-to-day questions from our clients, contact with tax agencies on behalf of our clients, preparation of memos concerning complicated matters and assistance with M&A transactions.

International Tax and Financial Services: Would you like to work with complex cross-border tax projects for large Danish and foreign multinational groups? In International Tax and Financial Services we provide a broad range of corporate tax services with international aspects, such as advice on group restructurings and mergers, post-acquisition tax structuring and business integration, structuring of expansion into new markets, etc. We also provide tax advice and compliance services to companies in the financial sector.
Transfer Pricing:Tax, law, business, or economic student? Transfer Pricing’s diverse, open and international department invites you to join our team. We advise multinational companies in relation to their cross-border transactions, which e.g. includes assistance with transfer pricing documentation and benchmarking studies, establishing transfer pricing policies, assisting on tax audits and controversy as well as advance pricing arrangements. Working with transfer pricing will provide you with international experience in a globalized business world and will provide you with great opportunities if you would like to try and work also outside of Denmark.

Who are you?

You have recently or will soon graduate from your Master’s degree from e.g. SDU, CBS, BSS within e.g. cand.jur, cand.merc.jur, cand.merc.aud, cand.oecon or similar. However, most importantly, we see your unique differences and experiences as assets to our Tax & Legal community. 


The next graduate in PwC’s Tax & Legal Graduate Programme? Apply now! 

When you apply through our recruitment system, please be aware, that you must upload the following three documents separately:

  • CV

  • Bachelor’s- and Master’s degrees grade transcripts.

  • Motivational letter in which you express your motivation for becoming a graduate as well as state whether you have any graduate track(s) you may wish to join more than others. Please also state your preferred location.

Selected applicants will be invited to an interview at PwC. At the interview you will meet PwC professionals from relevant departments and a colleague from HR.

Deadline:We screen and invite for interviews on an ongoing basis. We will take down the posting once we have found our new colleagues.

Start date:The 1st of September 2023

Location:Hellerup or Aarhus

Contact person: You are more than welcome to contact Talent Attraction Advisor, Michelle Rindom,, if you have any questions.
We look forward to hearing from you!