Master Thesis 30 hp: Semi-definite programming for radar detection hos Saab AB


A digital radar generates huge amount of data every second. The data contain information from electromagnetic reflections from a varying number of targets, ground, sea, rain and jammers. It is a challenging problem to process all the data in real time, to transform terabytes of raw data to high quality tracks. Intermediate steps are detection, association, tracking and classification. This project concerns one among other approaches to the detection problem.

Description of the master thesis

This project considers the radar detection problem from the perspective of atomic norms. It breaks down to a convex optimisation problem, more precisely, semi-definite programming. This is an elegant but nontrivial mathematical framework. A non-negligable part of the work will be theoretical, learning and formulating the theory in a detail level suitable for a master thesis. Besides this, the student will do numerical computations and make comparison with more classical approaches.

Your profile

The master thesis is suitable for 1-2 students with an interest and strong background in mathematics.

You are in the end of your technical master education in Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics or similar. Preferably, you have taken one or more optimization courses with satisfactory grades.

This position requires that you pass a security vetting based on the current regulations around/of security protection. For positions requiring security clearance additional obligations on citizenship may apply.

Last application date: 2021-11-21


Adam Andersson, Supervisor, Adjunct Associate Professor, mobile: 0734-18 8401

Ulrika Svahn, Manager New concepts and System Studies, mobile: 0734-379809

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