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New tech in times of crisis (only for CBS-students) hos Copenhagen Business School

The healthcare system has been hard pressed due to COVID, and this has increased interest in digitization and automation. During the second wave of COVID in the winter 2020-2021, Kolding Hospital chose to implement equipment for automatic oxygen treatment of COVID patients.

The purpose of this project is to conduct socio-economic analysis of the effect by automating oxygen treatment in a hospital. The study may be based on the following:

  • Sick leave for healthcare professionals on COVID sections before and after implementation of automatic oxygen treatment
  • Length of hospitalization time of COVID patients with and without automatic oxygen treatment
  • Proportion of patients admitted to intensive care before and after the introduction of automatic oxygen treatment
  • Financial savings in the form of protective equipment and freeing up time for healthcare professionals before and after the introduction of automatic oxygen treatment.

The project may consist of both quantitative and qualitative studies. Kolding Hospital has a number of data that can be made available, but for reasons of data security, the final design of the analyses must be coordinated and approved by Kolding hospital.

It is intended to produce one or more articles that can be published, and the report and articles should preferably be in English.

This project is a collaboration between Kolding Hospital, CBS and O2matic ApS.

Jan Dalberg, Anja Rode, Farzad Saber, Sine Zambach