Which students profiles can you find at ECE Paris - Ecole d’ingénieurs?

ECE Paris educates general and high-tech engineers. What characterizes the engineers studying at or graduating from ECE is especially their eagerness to contribute to the major societal challenges of today and tomorrow. At ECE Paris you find 2.177 students and 7.100 alumni engineers. 60 % of engineering students study abroad.

The students and graduates at ECE have expertise in the major sectors of industry, manufacturing, energy, construction, transportation, trade and distribution, finance, insurance, administration, health, education, culture and media. The school offers 7 technological specializations and 8 professional specializations.

Openness is highly encouraged by the life of the school and by the variety of programs available. ECE’s openness is expressed through various forms - from international experience to social engagement and the focus on major planetary challenges to sporting and cultural activities.

Diversity is also central to the university’s education strategy. This diversity of student backgrounds is a great source of enrichment and stimulation, especially valuable when working in teams.

Encouraged to put together their own personalized curriculum, you will find students and graduates at ECE which are used to think independently and have a great knowledge of their own competences. Furthermore, your company will have the opportunity of recruiting innovative, highly sought-after engineering graduates, who are well-equipped and motivated to contribute to a stronger economy. Recruiting for student jobs will offer you employers who are eager to contribute, bring their competencies to practice and bring fresh perspectives into all the major sectors. ECE is known for the effectiveness of its young graduates in companies.

Engineers are key players in the development of companies. ECE students and graduates are highly skilled in driving progress and take on leadership roles. Lastly highlighted by management modules are taught to all majors from the second year of undergraduate engineering.

Attentive to the trends in and evolution of the job market, ECE Paris offers specializations programs highly demanded by the employers. Further ECE are educating on the belief that an engineer’s effectiveness lies not only in scientific and technical expertise but also in their ability to listen, work in a team, explain, negotiate and innovate. Interpersonal skills are an integral part of an engineer’s overall skill set and are key to their career development.

A brief history of ECE Paris

ECE Paris is an older university inaugurated in 1919 in Paris, under the name Ecole Centrale de TSF (Central University for Wireless Telegraph). The school opened its doors in the aftermath of the First World War under the leadership of a young Petty Officer named Eugene Poirot. Being quite the visionary, the former radio operator took up the challenge of opening a school fully dedicated to teaching the cutting-edge technology that he considered essential to the future communication industry.

Recruiting from ECE via Graduateland  

If you are looking to recruit students and graduates from Aalborg University, you can choose to post your job ad specifically on their job portal, the ECE CareerGate.

You can select the portal when you post a job on the network (as shown in the screenshot above). You will also be able to see how many registered candidates at ECE Paris - Ecole d’ingénieurs match your previously defined requirements for the job.