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Do you want to learn, develop and grow with us? 

Start your career at one of Denmark’s fastest-growing companies and be a part of a young and ambitious community. Abacus Medicine is an equal opportunity employer. Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture.

Meet us virtually at:

  • Danish Academic Job Fair 8th of June 2021

We will share some insights on what it is like to be a student or graduate at Abacus Medicine. And additionally, you will have the possibility to talk to HR and our department managers, regarding open positions and other career opportunities. 

A Home to Grow

If you are an ambitious student who wants to challenge yourself and grow, then Abacus is right for you. We are proud of our tradition of hiring young people and empowering them from the outset. We take pride in employing students at all levels and we encourage them to take on much responsibility.   

”What is special about Abacus Medicine is the amount of responsibility given from day one to having the opportunity to work on important projects and tasks. The social environment at Abacus is young, diverse, and with room for everyone”.

Michael Siboni, 

Student Analyst in Product Development

What we Do 

Our purpose is to provide life-critical medicine at an affordable price to patients, businesses and hospitals all over Europe. Through a well-established network of licensed suppliers, we purchase original medicine at a low price in one country and redistribute it to the benefit of the patients in countries with higher prices, thus the same medicine but at an affordable price in repackaged material.

When we compete in the market, we aim to ensure lower prices on life-critical medicines so that they become more widely available. This gives us a purpose beyond ourselves and is something we can be proud of. Better access. Better healthcare. 

Join Us

In order to ensure continuous growth and reach new goals, we need the best pool of skilled and competent employees with entrepreneurial mind-sets that can challenge us and come up with innovative ideas. Whether you are a student, a graduate or a young professional, we offer a large number of career opportunities.    

Abacus Medicine employs talents within areas such as Supply Chain, Sales & Business Development, Engineering & Technology Operations, IT, Finance, Puirchase, Quality Assurance, Business Intelligence, Communications, Purchase, HR, Legal and Business Analytics.   

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Abacus Medicine Facts

  • Established in 2004 
  • 1,100 employees globally 
  • HQ next to Copenhagen Harbor, with more than 200 employees
  • More than 70 student analysts at our HQ
  • Student Board
  • Proud winner of Gazelle Award 10 times
  • Ranked among the 100 largest companies in DK
  • Average Employee Growth of 30% 
  • Global average age of 36 
  • More than 20 nationalities