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Making the World Playful

We bring moments of magic to hundreds of millions of people every single day. We create unforgettable games that are loved around the world. We take the art and science of gaming to the next level through curiosity for the unexplored, passion for games, respect for each other, and love for our players. Join us!Together, we'll create new experiences that raise the bar, delight billions of people, and redefine the world of games again and again.

Company Overview

We bring moments of magic to hundreds of millions of people every single day. We create unforgettable games that are loved around the world.

We take the art and science of gaming to the next level through curiosity for the unexplored, passion for games, respect for each other, and love for our players.

Who we are

King is a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world, with people all around the world playing one or more of our games, including franchises such as Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue and Bubble Witch. We have 249 million monthly active users as of fourth quarter 2019 across web, social and mobile platforms. King was acquired by Activision Blizzard Inc. (Nasdaq ATVI) in February 2016 and operates as an independent unit of the company.

Our passion

Making great games is incredibly challenging but we’ve proven it can be done… and we see a world of possibilities ahead. We’re challenging ourselves to dream bigger in a Seriously Playful way. We’re experimenting, learning, and adapting continuously to shape the industry in ways yet to be imagined.

We’re passionate about bringing moments of magic to our players and we’re not afraid to have fun along the way. Above all, we play as a team, helping each other have impact on a massive scale. And we’ll know we’ve outdone ourselves when we’ve inspired the world to play.

If you share our passion, our values, and our hunger to shape the future, join us in Making the World Playful!

Together, we’ll create new experiences that raise the bar, delight billions of people, and redefine the world of games again and again.

Our values, our culture

Our Culture

Our culture is our magic sauce. It’s a special blend of creativity, passion, and collaboration.

It’s what we expect of ourselves and how we treat each other. It is the reason we’re creating new experiences that raise the bar, delighting billions of people, and redefining the world of games again and again.

We craft brilliant games of mass appeal that bring moments of magic to everyday life.

We achieve this by getting great people to play well together in a creative environment to delight our players. At King we are entrepreneurial – we take smart risks, we learn fast and we share.

We are seriously playful: we balance art and science, we are supportive but demanding in everything we do.

As a result, we are building a company where everyone can thrive, are proud to belong, hold each other accountable and where we manage our business for sustainable growth.

What makes us unique

Our culture is based on a shared promise to each other as Kingsters.

It’s how we show up, it’s what expect of each other, and as a result, it’s the sweet reward we get.

We’ll know we’ve outdone ourselves when we’ve inspired the world to play.

Our Values

Being a Kingster isn’t only what you do, it’s also how you do it.

How we work together determines what we can achieve. Our values guide us every day in our work, in our decisions, and in our interactions with each other and our players.

Diversity at King

A great saga needs all sorts of heroes.

At King we share a passion for making the world playful. In order to achieve this, it takes people with different skills, experiences, and world views working together. There’s no such thing as a typical gamer. That’s why we embrace and celebrate what makes us different rather than what makes us the same. We believe diversity is King.

Discover our team

Games Design & Production

We’re the lifeforce of our games – we’re Level Designers, Economy Designers, Audio Experts, Project Managers, and Producers.

And we put our heart and soul into everything. We all have an insatiable curiosity and it pushes us to bigger and better things, to new ways of thinking, designing and playing. We’ve got a unique focus and passion that comes from a love for our players and a respect for each other.

It fuels our determination to make unforgettable games that are loved around the world. Putting our players first and delivering the highest quality means we know our games will be a cultural phenomenon for years to come.


Technology & Development

We create unforgettable games that are loved by hundreds of millions of players around the world.

Every day we experiment, prototype and challenge the norms. Energized by complex challenges, we take our games to unexpected places and push the boundaries of what's possible.

We test, learn, iterate and improve, sharing knowledge and working together to make our games reliable, scalable and secure. So we can bring moments of magic to our players and produce our greatest work.



We see life in vivid full colour, crafting graphics and animations that seamlessly combine art and technology.

It’s about understanding how we want our players to feel when they’re immersed in one of our games, about creating beautiful experiences to tell stories to our players.


We’re experts in the playful application of art and science.

We’re focused on the player experience. We’re thinking big picture about our games.  We’re experimenting and innovating to bring moments of magic to our players on every level.

We put our heart and soul into everything we do. We do it with respect for each other and a love for our players.

We know that when we put our players at the centre and deliver the highest quality, we’ll be a cultural phenomenon for years to come.


Data, Analytics and Strategy 

At King we’re dreaming bigger. Data, analytics and strategy are playing a key part across our Kingdom to shape our future.

We all have an insatiable curiosity, a drive to explore the uncharted and a passion for solving problems, fast. Working with games teams to boost engagement and make our titles irresistible. Providing the measure and rigour for business decisions.

And big data doesn't come much bigger than a billion gameplays and 10 billion events - every day. We’re predicting what’s next, evolving our games and our business, and guiding the way to make the world more playful.


Customer & Game Support

We’re the guardians of our games and the live connection to our players.

We make sure moments of magic can happen. Always putting our players first we’re driven by helping them get the best experience possible.

Because we know when they have the adventure of their lives, we’ll be loved by millions around the world.



We’re constantly finding new ways to engage our players and inspire more to join us.

We’re not just focused on new players, we’re also delighting the hundreds of millions of players we already have.

With everything from digital user acquisition campaigns to TV ads to interactive marketing to the occasional giant candy in our portfolio, we’ve got one of the highest global mobile spends of any category, let alone gaming.


HR and Business Support

Creating a workplace where people feel like they belong and can do their best work takes focus, determination, and an open mind. 

We support our people and our business in lots of different ways. We are teams of strategic advisors, coaches, communication specialists, workplace analysts, coordinators, and more.

We have a playful spirit, we’re agents of change, and we get stuff done.



At King everyone has a role in making the world playful. We play as a team and collectively shape our future.

From business modelling to smart accounting, commercial insight to cross-team collaboration, we help the Kingdom continue to dream bigger.

With fresh ideas, creative thinking and a drive to see new possibilities, when one of our games becomes a global phenomenon, it's success we all share in.


The games industry is fast-paced and dynamic.

We're working globally, in a newly emerging, complex landscape that spans advertising, e-commerce, IP, privacy, and consumer protection.

Change is constant so we’re always adapting at speed, advising our people and protecting the creativity of our teams. So the Kingdom can keep producing unforgettable games that are loved by millions and help to make the world more playful.


Advertising & Sales

We're shaping the industry and taking advertising to new levels.

We've got one of the largest and most engaged gaming networks in the world and we're exploring the huge opportunities this offers. Dreaming bigger to give our players better experiences, unforgettable games and encouraging the whole world to play.

Driven by our players and supporting the Kingdom, we're evolving and gaining momentum every day. It's an exciting time and place to push yourself and King to new levels of greatness.