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Our IT Organization consists of:

  • IT
  • ERP 
  • Business Analytics
  • Engineering and Technology Operations

"We support the general decision making around the company by utilizing our strong mathematical skillset through a combination of domain knowledge and data science. A common characteristic across our varying tasks is our ongoing interaction with the rest of the organisation to ensure that the solutions we develop fit the organisation the best possible way. My team and I enjoy this collaboration with our colleagues, but also the collaboration internally in our department by helping each other and having fun.”

Ida Grieger Gravesen,
Data Analyst in Business Analytics

In the Business Intelligence Department, they are responsible for the development and maintenance of Abacus Medicine’s data warehouse, as well as a core proprietary software suite supporting decision-making and daily processes for trading on the European medicine market. The team consists of in-house software developers and engineers. Their motivation is to create innovate data-driven solutions to core business problems in a friendly and professional environment.

In the Business Analytics Department, they are an ambitious team of data analysts and scientists working to solve real problems across sales, supply chain, finance, and other departments. They use a data-driven, in-house consulting perspective to deliver actionable insights to key decision makers throughout the entire company. They are constantly challenging ourselves professionally and personally to deliver high-quality, modern business solutions founded in strong quantitative analysis.

In the ERP Department, their focus is to collect, store and manage data from various business activities within the Abacus Medicine Group. They are working closely with the business side, to make sure that business needs are incorporated into the specifications and functions required. ERP provides an integrated and continuously updated view of our core business processes using the cloud-based solution Microsoft Dynamics365 for Finance and Operations.

In the IT Department, they are responsible to provide the best possible infrastructure for the operating systems and network that our colleagues use. They work to optimize the ways our colleagues communicate, collaborate and automate routine tasks through IT systems.

In Engineering and Technology Operations, they ensure the best possible technological landscape for production sites in Abacus Medicine. They are also responsible for operating, maintaining, and supporting our Serialization System and all related production equipment. In addition, they manage all technical projects that can help us meet future growth expectations. In general, they translate business requirements into technological solutions that benefit the workflows in Abacus Medicine. The solutions they build are both within machines and automation - both software and hardware.

"We handle a lot of big data sets, for example on historic price movements, but we also get to write smaller software programs for various types of decision-making. At Abacus Medicine, I get to improve and contribute to the way we make medicine more accessible as well as combining my interests of data in my daily work. To me, it is very satisfying to know that my opinions are valued. I have a lot of freedom to shape the projects and tasks we work on."

Mogens Hobolth,
EVP, Enterprise Systems & Analytics