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Are you a student in life science? Check out what you can work with within Abacus Medicine. 

Product Development

Product Development validate new potential products found by Business Development by analyzing the profitability of the products. It is their responsibility to ensure that new profitable products become sellable. Product Development department is divided into three categories: Maintaining the master data, analyzing and validating new potential product and notifying trademark holders.

Regulatory Affair and Product Support

The responsibility in Regulatory Affairs is to ensure Abacus Medicine’s authorization to sell medicine. They are often in contact with public authorities and they need to be able to speak their cases in order to succeed in obtaining licenses to buy and sell medicine. A job in Regulatory Affairs requires the ability to understand many different regulations and legislations. 

Quality Assurance

The key responsibility in Quality Assurance is to ensure the quality of the products which Abacus Medicine manufactures and distributes. Abacus Medicine is a company which purchases, repacks, stores and distributes pharmaceutical products. For this reason Abacus has to comply and operate in accordance with pharmaceutical regulations and legislations, known as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good distribution Practices (GDP).