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Our Galway office has been created with the same stylish, funky interior décor as our other world-class offices. Our creative work environment attracts brilliant talent from around the globe. We know how important it is to enjoy your work environment as well as your job. With this in mind, we have created fun zones all over the building so you can enjoy a game of pool, air hockey, fussball, table tennis or one of EA’s latest release games throughout the day! In addition there’s free breakfast, free ice cream and even a discounted on-site masseur twice a week!

Galway is a VERY sociable office – many of the Customer Experience team have relocated from all over Europe and as such, new work colleagues quickly become the best of friends and stand-in family!  

The Quality of Life team are an employee run committee that organise regular social events, helping new employees settle in and ensuring a friendly, inclusive and social culture. The main event is the monthly “pay-day social” which is held at a local pub on the Friday after pay day – everyone is invited and there is always a good turn out! They also run regular gaming parties and movie nights. 


Galway, also known as “the City of Tribes”, is situated on the western coast of Ireland, surrounded by mountains, beautiful expanses of green and the Atlantic Ocean. It is considered by many to be the “the heart of Ireland” and the “most Irish” city in Ireland! Galway has a rich history dating back to the 1200s and retains many historic landmarks and much of the traditional Gaelic culture. 

Today Galway is a University town and home to a diverse, bohemian and increasingly international population of around 75,000 people. Named as “Europe’s micro town” of the year in 2014 by the Financial Times and as one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. EA isn’t the only Global Business to identify the potential in Galway, some other big employers such as CISCO, Coca-Cola, Oracle and HP have also set up shop here! Galway is fast becoming a bustling hub for Global Businesses and top talent.   

Galway combines the very best of old and new, culture and commerce, tradition and innovation and is positioned in a region of breathtaking natural beauty. Galway offers spectacular scenery, mountain ranges, lakes and beaches. There truly is something for everyone – vibrant nightlife, traditional Irish culture, history, an impressive calendar of festivals as well as the River Corrib, the beaches and surrounding mountains that provide a plethora of outdoor pursuits from hiking, biking and fishing through to swimming, surfing and scuba diving.

Unsurprisingly, quality of life is rated extremely high here! It’s a great place to live and to bring up a family. We asked our EA Galway employees to tell us what they love about Galway. Overwhelmingly, almost everyone we asked said the PEOPLE. That’s a fantastic start.

“Galway is the most relaxed and friendly city in Ireland, the pace of life here is far less frantic than other cities and the colleges and arts communities keep things vibrant and interesting. There is always something interesting to do on your days off”

“It's the safest place in the world. I’ve lived here for nearly 9 years now and I've never seen anything happen to anyone. I feel it's a perfect place to live with your family. On the other hand, if you live on your own, all the pubs and restaurants in the city center are unique and worth visiting”.

“The best things about Galway are the people are friendly, outgoing and laid back. Even though the area is small it is very diverse, very welcoming and open to different cultures”