Thesis - An Evaluation Model for CIM profile analysis focusing on the needs of DSO Informa bei Vattenfall AB


Digitalization is a key research and development interest of Vattenfall Eldistribution AB. The digitalization of the substations allows more information to be available, not only to the operation related services but also to enterprise ancillary services (such as planning, condition monitoring, optimization, etc.). The roll out of a new Smart Metering system includes deployment of smart meters that provides both metering data and power quality supervision data, at customer side as well as in the secondary substations. Previous research and development activities have identified different use cases, and associated needs of data from different data sources (e.g. measurement, status information, records from substations, smart meters, and etc.). Due to the heterogeneous nature of the data sources, sharing of data from different data sources among different business use cases is facing challenges, due to various kinds of communication protocol, various data coding, various data types, various types of data modelling, etc. In order to overcome such challenges, an information integration that uses the IEC TC57 Reference Architecture (RA) is being applied. As specified in the RA, the IEC Common Information Model (CIM) shall be used at operation and enterprise level [1]. However, there are still some remaining challenges. Manufactures, Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Distribution System Operators (DSOs) often create their own CIM profiles, which can include all or part of the standardized canonical CIM model, to meet their own needs for data modelling [2]. Different CIM profiles might lead to interoperability issues and will make the information integration more complex. A common solution is to implement a company specific common CIM profile. At Vattenfall Eldistribution, these is at the moment a lack of such a CIM profile. Therefore, the overall goal of this activity is to develop a proposal on a CIM profile that best suits Vattenfall Eldistribution, considering the business use cases related to substation and customer metering data. In addition, in order to evaluate the developed CIM profile, an evaluation methodology and model shall be developed. The amount of work needed is considered to be more than what is suitable for a single students so the work is divided in two parts.


The main objective of the thesis(es) is to propose a method (evaluation model) to assess existing vendor-specific CIM models against the needs of information integration based on Vattenfall’s use cases, and identify gaps towards a Vattenfall-specific CIM-profile.

  • Literature review: shall cover at least the followings

  • Related work on CIM profile development
  • Related CIM Standards (IEC 61970, IEC 61968, etc.)
  • Related work on CIM profile evaluation and verification method
  • IEC TC57 Reference Architecture
  • Use Case analysis

  • Needs of information integration from different business use cases
  • Reference architecture implementation at Vattenfall
  • Student 1: Propose CIM profile for Vattenfall Eldistribution

  • The proposed CIM profile shall cover aspects such as real time data values (from both meters at customer side and secondary substation side, measurement data from digitalized substations), asset and equipment data
  • The proposed CIM profile shall be future proof (considering the potential future needs of DSO)
  • The proposed CIM profile shall be developed using Sparx EA tool
  • The proposed CIM profile shall be verified
  • Refine the proposed CIM profile if necessary
  • Student 2: Propose an evaluation model for CIM profile analysis (depending on availability results from student 1)

  • Propose the evaluation method
  • The proposed evaluation model shall take into consideration the needs of Vattenfall business cases on CIM profile that covers the aspects of real time data, asset, equipment, maintenance, operation, etc.
  • Case study 1: Apply different CIM profiles (i.e. example of standard, manufacture, other electric grid operator, etc.) on the evaluation model to identify the gap between the profiles and needs of Vattenfall
  • Case study 2: Apply the proposed CIM profile for Vattenfall by Student 1 to evaluate the gap between the profile and needs of Vattenfall
  • Identify the gap between the proposed profile and existing profiles from manufacture
  • Thesis

Each master thesis student shall write his / her own master thesis which shall fulfill the requirements of master thesis project course.


[1] IEC Std., ”Power System Management and Associated Information Exchange - Part 1 Reference Architecture,” International Electrotechnical Commission, 2016.

[2] J. Fremont, ”CIM Extensions for ERDF Information System Projects,” 2009.

Recommended literatures to be reviewed:

  • Lars-Ola, CIM Lecture slides,
  • Andreas Holmlund, Richard Sjöberg, Information Exchange with CIM for the Energy Industry
  • Per Närman, Validation and refinement of an asset management subset of the IEC 61968 Interface Reference Model
  • Lars Nordstörm, Use of the CIM framework for Data management in Maintenance of electricity distribution networks.

Supporting from Vattenfall

Vattenfall provides the work place, computer, and related documents and tools for the thesis project.

Requirements on students:

We are looking for two master thesis students (30 hp) in the field of electric power systems with:

  • Good knowledge of Common Information Model (CIM), information exchange within electrical power section, and related standards.
  • Good knowledge of UML
  • Basic programming skill to handle XML file
  • Eager to learn in depth of the CIM standards, CIM profile development and related tools.
  • Knowledge of Web Ontology Language (OWL) and enterprise architecture tools is a merit.

More information:

  • Start of assignment: 2021-02-15 or by agreement
  • Location: Solna
  • Application – a combined document with your CV and cover letter, and grades are to be submitted in the application.
  • Deadline for application is 2020-01-30.
  • Contact person and supervisor at Vattenfall is: Yiming Wu ( and David Erol (

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