Project in metabolism available for master student bei Biomedicinsk Institut - Københavns Universitet

How does glucagon regulate our metabolism?

We will offer a flexible and fun learning environment with the potential to present your research at international meetings and become an author of a scientific publication.

Our group investigates how glucagon regulates hepatic metabolism in health and metabolic diseases using animal and cell models and in clinical studies (see publication list).

The liver is an important metabolic organ responsible for numerous functions including the metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids, and fats. The liver has recently also been recognized as an endocrine organ that secretes proteins and cytokines that can signal to other tissues, known as hepatokines. Hepatokines such as FGF21 and GDF15 have gained major interest due to their metabolic control of body weight and glucose homeostasis.

In this master project, you will investigate if and how hepatokines are secreted from the liver by glucagon stimulation in mice (using liver perfusions) and in humans during an infusion with glucagon. The nature of the project is thus very translational and allows us to study both organ-specific and whole-body effects of glucagon.

We are seeking an excellent master student to work with us on this exciting and important project. During the project, you will learn about metabolism and glucagon biology and you will be trained in animal studies including mouse liver perfusions and measurements of hepatokines using ELISA. Since the project includes animal work, a FELASA certificate is a requirement.

The project will take place at the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the Section for Translational Metabolic Physiology led by Prof. Jens Juul Holst at Panum.

Starting date: We are flexible on the date.

If you are interested in the project and want to hear more, please send your CV, a short description of yourself, and university transcripts by email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Principal supervisor: MD, PhD, Associate Professor Nicolai J. Wewer Albrechtsen.


Daily (Co)-supervisor: PhD student Marie Winther-Sørensen


Achtung: Häufig benötigen Sie eine Vorabgenehmigung Ihrer Universität oder Ihres Studienberaters, um sicherzustellen, dass die auf Graduateland gefundenen Projekte oder Abschlussarbeiten als Teil Ihrer Ausbildung anerkannt werden. Bitte setzen Sie sich rechtzeitig mit der richtigen Stelle in Verbindung, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie sich für das richtige Projekt entscheiden.