Master thesis 30hp: Structural analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning bei Saab AB

Are you an engineering physics or engineering mechanics student who wants to take the next step in your journey to be an engineer?


Your future challenge:

We strive towards maximizing the performance of our products, this combined with hard environmental requirements mean that we are always at the limit of what materials and designs can withstand without failure. A thorough design process and analysis, although time consuming is essential to verifying that our products fulfills the tough requirements. Therefor it is of great interest to increase efficiency in our analysis process.


The Finite element method (FEM) is our tool for analyzing structural behavior. The current workflow for the a structural analysis is: manual modelling, manual FEA setup and FE simulation, a process which due to the size of model and number of components can be very time consuming. A workflow using AI/ML solution, i.e. ML-based modelling, ML-FE setup and analysis, could increase efficiency of the workflow, automating parts of and speeding up the analysis process.


This thesis project is divided into two phases: ML-modelling and ML-solution. In the first phase, you will research the concepts and best practices with regards to using AI/ML for the FE-modelling. In the second phase, implement the ML-modelling and ML-FE analysis for the estimation of fatigue life of electronic packages with solder joints.


Your profile

You are likely to be studying engineering physics, applied mechanics or equivalent. The work will include finite element analysis (FEM) so knowledge within this area is a merit. Two students working together with the thesis is recommended but not a requirement.


This position requires that you pass a security vetting based on the current regulations around/of security protection. For positions requiring security clearance additional obligations on citizenship may apply.


What you will be a part of

The thesis work will be conducted at the section of Environmental Analysis at Saab Surveillance in Gothenburg, with support from the section of Microwave and Antenna Design. The section of Environmental Analysis is responsible for environmental engineering analysis within structural analysis, thermal analysis and material analysis. Our mission is to ensure safe and reliable products regarding electronics, mechanics and system structures. The section is involved from early concept design through defining necessary requirements, perform detail design and structural analysis and finally verify the final product. The section is involved in all types of radar products by Saab Surveillance and work with design of systems.


Saab is a company with a strong people-orientation. We offer a friendly work environment where we support and help each other to be at our best. Continuous learning, career & talent development and employee well-being are examples of areas where we always put the strongest effort to offer great opportunities.

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