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SAS Institute headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, USA, has been a major producer of software since it was founded in 1976. SAS was originally an acronym for Statistical Analysis System but, for many years, has been used as a tradename to refer to the company as a whole and its line of software products, which have long since broadened beyond the statistical analysis sphere. SAS Institute is one of the largest privately-held corporations in North Carolina and in the software business.

SAS is a fourth-generation programming language consisting of a suite of modules designed for business intelligence and customer relationship management. Although the advent of more powerful personal computers has also allowed lower cost statistical packages to be available, SAS software continues to be the standard used in statistical analysis of clinical pharmaceutical trials for submission to the Food and Drug Administration. It is also widely used for statistical analysis in the insurance industry and the field of public health, at least partially due to the powerful data import, handling, and manipulation functions added to the base package over the years, to extend the analytical capabilities to different types and formats of data.

Another factor in the success of SAS Institute is the growth of large and well organized SAS users groups, on local, regional, and international scales. While these serve to make some of the resources of SAS Institute and more experienced users available to the new user, they also serve the Institute by providing essentially free customer service and public relations functions.

Working at SAS Institute

Since its inception, SAS Institute has benefited from the skills and commitment of exceptional people. Today, as always, the Company seeks the best talent to build on its success story. In return, SAS employees enjoy a supportive environment, outstanding opportunities for professional growth, and a chance to help SAS drive the new economy and provide innovative solutions for business decision makers across the globe.

SAS has created an environment that fosters and encourages the integration of the company's business objectives with employees' personal needs. With tremendously low employee turnover that has been consistently well below the industry average, SAS – and its customers – reap the rewards of employee loyalty.

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