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Ten years of sustainable operations at Bloomberg

Today, Bloomberg’s sustainability initiatives are built into our everyday lives at work. Our coffee cups are compostable. Lights and screens shut down when not in use. Our printers default to double-sided printing, and most office paper has recycled content. But just ten years ago, our global offices looked very different.

By identifying areas of opportunity across the company to decrease our environmental impact, we’ve been able to make our company more efficient and resilient, while transforming our culture and avoiding $116 million in operating costs.

With the publication of our tenth annual Impact Report, Bloomberg is taking stock of our progress and the work still left to do, while sharing our experiences to encourage other companies to adopt sustainable practices as well.

Below are just a few of our sustainable operations milestones from the past ten years. To see the full breadth of our climate efforts over the past decade read the full report here.

Demand reduction

2008: Global “Lights Out” implementation

2012: Waste-to-energy programs implemented in New York and London

2016: Introduction of badge-swipe printing to reduce non-essential print jobs

Infrastructure investments

2011: PC sleep implemented globally

2012: First electric-car charger installed at New Jersey campus

2014: 75th infrastructure project completed

Facilities improvements

2009: First LEED project in Asia: Tokyo (Gold)

2014: Three LEED Platinum certifications, including the company’s first in Africa

2017: Bloomberg moves into new EMEA headquarters in London, certified BREEAM Outstanding

Renewable energy

2012: First on-site solar projects completed in Princeton and San Francisco

2017: First wind project completed in Hidalgo, Texas

2018: Two wind PPA projects completed: Arkwright, N.Y.,  and HillTopper, Illinois

Learn more about how we drive sustainable innovation in our 2018 Impact Report.