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Make an early impact on our business. An internship will expose you to real projects and challenges, backed by your P&G coach. All year round, and all around Europe, we invest in short and long term internships for students (please note: the duration may differ from one country to another). A P&G internship offers you the chance to work in an international environment and learn continuously from feedback, coaching and training sessions. We enrol students who are in their penultimate or ultimate year of study, to gain a real work experience while still at university. If you are a high potential graduate from any discipline looking for a challenging internship to demonstrate your skills and to learn what life is at Procter & Gamble, we have the opportunities for you!

As an intern at Procter & Gamble you will work on your own project, typically in a multi-functional team that includes senior managers; have a dedicated 'sponsor'; put your skills to work in a challenging environment; improve your interpersonal and team skills through practical experience; learn to work effectively with people of different nationalities and cultural & educational backgrounds. You will receive a performance appraisal - just as we appraise our permanent staff; write a report and give a presentation of the results of your work to management. As an intern, you will have a very good opportunity to strengthen your knowledge in the function you’ve applied for and management abilities in real-life situations and will obtain insights into the world of a fast moving consumer goods company.

During your Internship you'll gain an excellent grounding in what we do. The Internship is a period of mutual trial where you come and work with us, assess us as a future employer and we assess you. Many successful interns come back and join us on a permanent basis after they have finished their degree. A P&G internship offers you the chance to: Experience the impact YOU can have in our business early on; Understand diverse businesses, brands and products; Take business responsibility from day one; Learn and grow in a multifunctional, diverse environment, collaborating with; P&G Managers Develop your talents and ideas; Have fun and enjoy yourself! If you want to search for internships now, please use the career search