Nordic Business Virtual Career Fair

Are you enrolled or did you already graduate from a Nordic university? Be sure to sign up and meet your future employer online!



13:00 hasta 16:00   CET
30 empresas
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Nordic Business Virtual Career Fair

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The Nordic Business VCF is an all-online event for all students and graduates from Nordic universities.

The event will include companies from all over the Nordic countries but also other international employers. All of them are interested in candidates from Nordic business schools and they want to get in contact with you! 

You will meet recruiters and hiring managers online, leaving you with unique insight into their offerings in order to tailor your application process the best way possible. 
You will also be able to meet young professionals already working at the company to get the first-hand experience in a career at the specific employer. 

How a Virtual Career Fair works

Is this your 1st Virtual Career Fair and you are not quite sure what to do? No problem - we'll take you through the process step-by-step:

  1. You let us know you'd like to attend by clicking the registration button. The phone number we ask you to provide will only be used to send you a reminder SMS on the day of the fair.
  2. All registered users get an email confirmation that includes a calendar invite.
  3. On the day of the fair, you will be matched with employers that have relevant jobs for you based on the info on your profile - so make sure to update your background information and preferences before attending on October 31st, 2018.
  4. To make sure you get the most out of the Virtual Career Fair, we have a lot of preparation materialTake a look!
  5. We'll send you a reminder shortly before the fair - on the day itself, you can just log into the virtual venue from your desktop, tablet or mobile and start chatting.

Need support?

Drop us an email via

Kickstart your career online!

Access wherever you are

It doesn't matter where you're located: Just log in via your laptop or mobile and start chatting.

Meet junior recruiters

Get in touch with the representatives of the junior positions and ask them what it takes to become a trainee or junior in their organisation.

Match your profile

No time wasted! You'll immediately see which companies offer jobs that match your profile and preferences.

¿Qué es una feria virtual de empleo?

Reunirse con empresas online, en lugar de solo mirar puestos de trabajo estáticos, es el futuro de la búsqueda de empleo

Daniel, estudiante de Negocios
Una feria virtual de empleo permite a los candidatos ponerse en contacto con empresas de todo el mundo y charlar sobre futuras oportunidades de empleo. No importa dónde se encuentre, si utiliza un celular, tableta o computadora, solo necesita iniciar sesión en el día y comenzar a chatear con las empresas.

Lo que dicen los candidatos:

Para mí, esta fue una oportunidad muy conveniente, ya que estoy en el extranjero y aún así, podía establecer contactos con las empresas.

Anne, Administración de Empresas

La función de chat privado me permitió interactuar con varias compañías al mismo tiempo, y en el proceso, descubrí compañías de las que nunca había oído hablar.

Joakim, graduado de TI

Es una gran experiencia realmente involucrarse con las empresas. Conocer a las personas detrás de los trabajos desmitifica la experiencia de búsqueda de empleo.

Henrik, estudiante de Ingeniería

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