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Visma Interactive Course: Implement and deploy a Serverless application in AWS

Join Visma’s workshop to get hands-on experience with deploying an API using serverless technology.

23 Febrero 15:00 - 17:15 CET

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Organizado por Visma Norway

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Do you want to learn how to implement and deploy a Serverless application in AWS? Sign up for the Visma Online Interactive Course on February 23rd at 15:00-17:00 CET.

Join our workshop to get hands-on experience with deploying an API using serverless technology. In this online event, we will show you how to use public cloud and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in practice and how to implement a secure, reliable, and scalable back-end application in 2 hours!

The workshop is suitable for students and graduates that are interested in learning about the public cloud and want to apply theoretical knowledge from university/school into practice.

This is technology and practices we use in Visma every day and we believe this will be useful for the rest of your software development career!

For the purpose of this workshop, we will utilize AWS as the public cloud vendor and Serverless Framework for IaC. To follow the workshop and complete the steps along with us to set up your own API you will need to have an AWS account and download Postman. More detailed information about necessary preparations will be sent out to registered attendees before the event.


Agenda for the workshop

15:00-15:10 Welcome -  A short introduction to the course speakers and the topic of the day: serverless in AWS!

15:10-15:30 Introduction to serverless technology and APIs - A brief theoretical overview of the technologies we will be using in the course to give you the best possible starting point on how to work interactively with us. The theory will focus on public cloud, APIs, and AWS services such as Lambda, S3, and API Gateway.

15:30-16:40 Hands-on workshop where we create a back-end application -  Live demonstration on how to set up a back-end application using serverless technology in AWS. You will be able to work alongside us simultaneously, to get some hands-on experience and we will have multiple available course leaders to jump into a breakout session with if you are having challenges with the practical or theoretical parts of the course.

16:40-16:50 Wrap up with practical examples from Visma -  After getting some hands-on experience with using AWS, we want to also showcase some examples of how what you just learned is actually used in our software and impacting millions of people.

16:50-17:00 Opportunities in Visma -  Finally, we will end this course by sharing how you can use the knowledge you just gained in practice in Visma, by joining one of our graduate programs or product development teams.

Our career opportunities

Are you interested in having a career as a software engineer where you can impact millions of end-users across Europe? Are you a graduate that would like to be part of a workplace where you are encouraged to create innovation and shape the future of society through technology? In that case, Visma’s Tech Talent - Software Engineer Program is the perfect program for you.

We are hiring in the Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway!

Read more about the Tech Talent - Software Engineering Program and our application deadlines here.


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