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Smarter Mobility Challenge

READY TO SURPASS THE G.O.A.T. ? #SmarterMobilityDataChallenge

3 Octubre 12:00 - 12:30 CET

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Organizado por Manifeste IA

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With the #SmarterMobilityDataChallenge, 11 major industrial corporations are challenging you: imagine the future of electric mobility. Are you up to it?

Your mission:

Working alone or in a group of two, come up with and test statistical forecasting and machine learning models to predict the state of a set of electric charging stations.
In practical terms, your challenge will be to write a program that accurately predicts whether a charging station will be occupied at a given time in a major European capital: Paris.

Some details about the #SmarterMobilityDataChallenge:

  • It will run from 3 October to 3 December
  • It is 100% digital and will be hosted on the Codalab platform
  • Sign up NOW, the challenge is open!

Then, you will be able to join the different webinars and meet up with experts and HRs to get the best advice in the coming weeks.

Get ready to build your Legend and win the first prize! Sign up!


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