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Digital Transformation Traineeship en Digital Society School

A forward-thinking community

We are a diverse group of learners, thinkers and doers that shape tomorrow’s society through digital technology, using human-centered design approaches. We think big, start small and are explicitly open, placing our findings at the world’s disposal.

We believe that our digitally fueled future can -and should- be inclusive, intelligent and involve us all. We invite students and professionals from creative industries to join us on our mission.

Trainee at DSS

A traineeship at the DSS will open up a world of opportunities. You’ll be part of a vibrant interdisciplinary and international team for a semester and have unique access to a network of experts in the field. Additionally our partners will pay you a monthly stipend of €400,=. For tuition fees and other information check our website.

What you will be doing

During the 20 weeks that you are at Digital Society School you will work on a project supplied by one of partners. These projects are clustered around different themes. At the end you will present an prototype solution to the challenge posed. In addition you will participate in workshops, masterclasses and personal coaching to get you ready for the next step in your career.

Challenges that you will face include translating the wishes of our parter to a concrete end result that not only caters to what they want but ideally delivers what they need. Managing the workflow in an autonomous team with very diverse backgrounds. And coping with unforseeable circumstances.


Apply via the "Apply Now" button.

If you are not a citizen from the EU, European Economic Area or Switserland we need your application at least 6 months before the start of the semester to be able to arrange for a visa.