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The Marketing of Ideas en Copenhagen Business School

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The “Thesis students involved in research” initiative.


Despite their intangible character, ideas may be the most important commodity in the 21st century. Think tanks, political parties, interest organizations and religious organizations are all in the business of production and marketing of ideas.


This project is about the production and marketing of ideas. Think tanks, political parties, interest organizations and religious organizations are examples of organizations that use long-term idea-based communication in order to achieve their goals. This topic remain underresearched despite the fact that the number and importance of such organizations has increased immensely in recent years. The topic is well suited for master thesis projects. It can be explored from a variety of theoretical and empirical angles and is open for students from all master programmes.


Many research questions are of course possible but they could involve the influence of such organizations, how digitalization affect their communication efforts, how they make money and how this affect their strategy and communication etc.


I am looking for students who want to write their master thesis projects within this area. You are free to suggest research questions, ideas, details and methodologies yourself. Qualitative or quantitative methodologies or combinations are possible. We will then develop the projects together in a dialogue.


Supervision may be online or on campus according to your preferences.


For further information, please contact: Associate Professor Henrik Johannsen Duus, e-mail: [email protected]

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