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Evaluating the impacts and outcomes of CSR initiatives from stakeholder perspectives en Copenhagen Business School

The ’Students involved in research’ initiative.


This project encompasses several sub-projects related to understanding how stakeholders (especially communities) live and experience CSR initiatives from nearby businesses, especially in the natural resources sector and in Latin America. Since I have good access to (Indigenous) communities in southern and northern Chile, in Brazil, Mexico and Peru (mostly mining and forestry sectors) students could easily undertake fieldwork there. In Mexico I have connections with an organization that organizes for alternative forms of development (de colonial feminist, ecological, anti-capitalist). Previous students have done this quite successfully for their Masters theses.



Alternatively using web databases such as the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre and Environmental Justice Atlas students could undertake interesting analyses examining corporate responses to accusations of irresponsible practices and wrongdoing and compare it with activist/community reports. Two students did this before and we managed to convert their thesis into a publication as co-authors in the prestigious Journal of Business Ethics. I would greatly encourage students to collaborate with me after their thesis to publish it as a journal article. I should also add that currently I don't have a ready-made concrete project for you to jump into. I do, however, have knowledge and contacts related to diverse CSR and community relations/conflicts related cases across Latin America.

My name is Rajiv Maher, I'm from the UK and work as part time lecturer at CBS and Full Time professor at Egade Business School (Tec de Monterrey) in Mexico City where I reside. You can see my publications profile here To date I've supervised 32 masters theses at CBS.

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