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Visiting the margins: Promoting cultural tourism in 10 European peripheries (INCULTUM) en Copenhagen Business School

Would you like to write your Master Thesis as an integrate part of the EU project “INCULTUM: Visiting the margins” – and thereby contribute to promoting innovative cultural tourism in Europe?


The project aims at promoting innovative cultural tourism in 10 selected regions across Europe, the Ten Pilots Cases. These are located in Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy (Trapani Mountains), Italy (Garfagnana Appennine), France, Greece, Albania, Ireland, and Sweden.


The target territories are presently seen as marginal and peripheral, yet each of them demonstrates its own unique potential for future innovation and growth, driven (among other factors) by tourism.


The role of CBS is to monitor and evaluate the work on the individual pilots, identify possible synergies between them, and pinpoint concrete opportunities and paths for promoting innovative tourism in these regions.


Read more about the project here:


The project runs from 1 May 2021 until 31 April 2024. Within this overall time span, it will be possible to pinpoint specific sub-issues and research questions that could be addressed in Master Theses within the specific time frames set for such theses.


Interested? Drop a few lines to Carsten Humlebæk ( who is the manager of CBS’ part of the project or to Viktor Smith ( who is a senior CBS researcher associated with the project and who, among other tasks, is heading the project work on stakeholder mapping and analysis.

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