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IBeauty: Intercultural Personas of Beauty & Values en Copenhagen Business School

The “Thesis students involved in research” initiative

'iBeauty' is an industry-academic collaboration project fully funded by a third largest Japanese cosmetic enterprise KOSE Corporation. 

The eventual aim of the project is to develop "Intercultural Personas of Beauty & Values".

The project has been conducting a series of intercultural consumer surveys integrating data science, cross-cultural psychology and consumer psychology to map-out and profile various consumer types across markets.

The project aims at understanding the interactions among consumers’ personal values, self-concept/self-consciousness, definition of beauty, self-image, attitudes toward a certain behaviors on beauty and wellness, which eventually influence individuals' subjective wellbeing.

The finding of the project could be applicable to consumer marketing of fashion, cosmetic, wellness or healthy food choice, or other societal challenges dealt within the field of health psychology.

The project consortium already collected rich quantitative data from UK, USA, Denmark, China and Japan. The students who are interested in writing their thesis will be given access (under non disclosure agreement) to analyze data in different combinations of theoretical constructs and national contexts.

For those who are in the data science students, it is possible to work with data analytic tools developed by Technical University of Denmark.

It is also possible to form colloquium with a number of students writing separate theses within the same research area.

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