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Marketing intern with a knack for content marketing and video creation at Graduateland

We help students and graduates get their careers off to a flying start with an exclusive career portal where every opportunity is relevant and targeted. With Graduateland, no student or recent grad will be met with; “Sorry, you need 10 years of experience to apply” — no siree!

On top of the job board, we offer hands-on, practical content—which is only as valuable as its ability to attract and engage our target audience. That’s why we’re looking for an intern that can take any article and perform communicative plastic surgery on it to make it hit our target audience right in the feels.

Who are you?

You’re probably studying a Masters in language, communication, rhetorics, marketing, or sociology. It’s not really that important. We’re happy as long as you know your way around content marketing and can recognize yourself in the following statements:

  • You’re curious about content marketing — and you know your theory. You know that articles, podcasts, video, and social media sites function as a vehicle. Our content should attract a larger prospect base, bring in leads, nurture and educate those leads, and pave the way for a sale—in other words; make it rain.
  • You’re slicing and dicing. Content creation can be hard. It requires thought, idea, strategy, data, production, editing, originality, relevance, targeting—dang! Fortunately, you know that recycling is relatively easy so you can leverage a strong piece of content in different channels, formats or media for maximum impact. 
  • You like “working in the field” and getting your hands dirty. We don’t mean actual fieldwork. But you’re not afraid to get busy doing things you haven’t done before; approaching important people in our network, doing research, conduct interviews, appear on video or learn new skills.
  • You’re ready to contribute and challenge us. You’re able to navigate in a wide range of tasks: everything from interviews in the field to research, analysis and sharp observations, and you are not afraid to challenge your colleagues with insightful questions about theory or practice.

What are you going to do around here?

You will be working closely together with our marketing team and the rest of the Graduateland family. Among other things you will be:

  • Creating creative content incl. articles, videos, infographics, copy for paid name a few.
  • Engaging in concept development of creative ideas.
  • Helping us integrate video in our day-to-day and getting our video studio up and running.
  • Editing (or performing communicative plastic surgery) on existing content pieces.
  • Posting on social media and engaging with our community.

Did we mention the added brownie points if you know how to take pictures, record video and edit the raw material afterwards?

What can you expect from the intern life at Graduateland?

  • You will be part of the team and participate on an equal footing with the rest of us. That sums up to lots of responsibility and a whole lot of collegial love.
  • You’ll learn a heck of a lot. We’re determined, super sharp, and we aim for the stars. You can’t spend time here without getting smarter.
  • You will find out if the techy startup scene is something for you.

A few practical details

  • You can start asap. And whether it’s 3 or 6 months...well, we’re flexible.
  • Offhand, we’re talking 37 hours a week. If you need to head out for a lecture or an exam we’ll be flexible there too.
  • Delicious lunch buffet and sodas are on us.
  • As a rule, the internship is unpaid—but heck; there’s an opportunity for you to turn the internship into a full-time position.

If you think you’re a perfect match then go ahead and send us your application. Be sure to flex your creative muscles and sell yourself.

This is the perfect chance to show us that you can create content that educates and inspires us to take action—like inviting you in for a mug of coffee and a chat.

Got questions? Get in touch with our Senior Content Strategist, Sandra Busch. Say hi on LinkedIn or drop an email at

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