DevOps Engineer ITHigh-Tech at MCA Sweden

Helping IT to achieve better operations results is the main challenge at this role. We do it by simplifying the existing IT scenario, applying analytics and machine learning, so we let the machine handle the complex issues instead of the traditional manual labor approach.
  • A typical day will start with checking monitoring alerts that need your immediate attention;
  • You will actively participate in daily stand-up meetings with your DevOps team members so you know where your help is needed;
  • You will discuss solutions, specifically with your product owner or customer and translate requirements in a future proof architecture;
  • Together with the team members you will understand best practices and define if the standard solutions from Cloud providers (Azure and AWS) are sufficient to design and build infrastructure, platform and software solutions. However, if standard solutions do not solve the issue, it's also your role to check for customization possibilities;
  • You design microservices and run container workloads which are both orchestrated and monitored using tools that you think fit best for their purpose;
  • You build, deploy, maintain, and optimize infrastructure and application based on infra as code and configuration management principles. Automation is key!
  • Everything you do is software defined in code, tested, and deployed in your Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines which you create and maintain. We also do version control and Git review.


MCA Engineering specializes in bringing technical know-how and ambitious organisations together. MCA Netherlands is located in the city of Eindhoven, working with companies in the high tech and automotive domain


  • Career development program
  • Attractive work package
  • Training, education and like-minded peers (ask about our talent program)
  • Full control over your own career and we support an entrepreneurial spirit

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